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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

GO or No GO

You are in the backcountry and in a survival situation.  You need to make a decision.  Do you remain in place or "self rescue" and head out.

My friend Peter Kummerfeldt has a great article about what to consider in a survival situation.

"GO – NO GO Decisions

Does anyone know you are missing? If you left a “trip plan” with friends or family members, and you did not deviate from the plan, a search will begin as soon as the trip plan expires and the authorities are notified.  The plan should include, at a minimum, your destination, departure and return dates and times, the names of those traveling with you, the kinds of clothing and equipment carried and the outdoor experience of the party.
If someone knows where you've gone, that will expedite the search!

If someone knows you’re missing you can take heart in the fact that SAR forces will be looking for you.  Your job as the survivor then is twofold: to keep yourself alive until they get there and to expedite your recovery by drawing their attention to your location by signaling.
If you have not left a trip plan and no one knows where you are or when you are supposed to return, making your own way out may be your only choice.  Leaving a trip plan and sticking to that plan is without question, your best option for a quicker rescue."
Read the rest of his post here.
I have posted a suggested hiker/hunter trip plan at my web site
The plan is a simple .pdf file.  A link to the plan is here.
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  1. I absolutely agree that proper preparation is crucial when going hiking or an adventure in the wilderness. Never go without the proper equipment, boots, survival knife and kit, as well as a trip plan and necessary technology! Thanks for the post

  2. Right on the mark Mike. Thanks. Blake

  3. So many people underestimate the dangers if getting lost or injured when out in the wilderness. Leaving without informing your family or friends of your whereabouts and plan is reckless. So is not wearing appropriate boots and clothes, and not taking the proper equipment and survival kit. Kind of reminds me of that movie "127 hours." Anyway, thanks for the post. By the way, the link to the full story doesn't work.

  4. Thanks Mary,
    For info, I updated this post on 2/13/17 and updated the post. See also for the updated article....