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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Gas Stove Fuel - Is the Canister Full?

You are ready to head out on the trail.  The canister to your gas stove is in your hand.  Is the canister full, 1/2 full or empty?

This is a great article by Hikin_Jim.

I've often wondered how much was left in the canister.

It’s day five of my seven day trip. I still have a couple of days of cooking left to do. If I run out of gas, I’ll be eating uncooked freeze dried meals (yuck!). Can I afford to make my morning coffee? Just how much stinkin’ gas do I have left!?

Ever been there? Herein follows a simple, field practical way to estimate how much gas you have left in your canister:

Before you go out, take a full canister and an empty canister, both the same size and brand. Put the full canister in a container of water. Mark where the water line is.

Notice how the “P” in “Power” is just about fully submerged.

To read the rest of the article go here.

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