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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Survival Knife Review: the Mora

What makes for a great, affordable survival knife?

I am a big fan of the Mora knife.  It is affordable and it sharpens quickly.  I carry one in my SAR pack and hiker's day pack.

Is a Mora better than my prized old Buck knife from the '70s - probably not.  That said, it's a fine knife. 

I was digging through my friend Leon's site at and thought his article was certainly worth the review.

by Leon Pantenburg

Currently, the rage among some survival schools is the Mora, a small, inexpensive Scandinavian-style sheath knife with a four-inch blade and a large, easy-to-hold

The Cold Steel (SRK top) and the J. Martinni Mora-style knives are good choices for all around use. Combined with a Swiss Army Classic, they can provide a good survival tool kit.
handle. Personally, I think they’re great, and I generally have a Mora close at hand.
It’s all because newspaper guys, like me, research stuff. Sometimes we gather information, statistics and data for no apparent reason, and with a vague idea of what the info might be someday be used for.

That was the case several years ago when I bought my first Mora knife.
While I will never give up my folders, I was looking for a small, inexpensive sheath knife that could be recommended to Boy Scouts.

The knife had to be an all-around, do-everything tool. It would be used for a variety of tasks, which could include whittling, cleaning fish and small game, meat-cutting and peeling potatoes. It needed to be lightweight and small enough to be carried conveniently.

To read the rest of Leon's post go here.

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