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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Technology Preparedness

Are you and your electronics ready for a natural disaster??

Here is an article from last summer that was featured in the Chicago Sun Times.

The article is a bit "chatty" at first so jump to the middle to get to the heart of the matter.

by Andy Ihnatko

If I complain about how Hurricane Irene has left me without power or Internet access for the past three days, please do be assured that I’m keeping it all in perspective. Brattleboro, Vermont -- which has been one of my favorite road trip destinations for years, and the place I will most definitely recommend if you’re visiting this part of the country and want to feel as though you’ve really seen New England -- got absolutely clobbered.

Many residents lost their homes; some lost their lives.

In the face of that . . . yeah, losing a week of productivity and a fridge full of food is just an inconvenience.

Thanks to Irene, I’ve had three consecutive nights of monastic contemplation, free from the distractions of sinful extravagances like television, Internet, interior lighting, and food or drink that’s noticeably hotter or colder than room temperature. During that time, I’ve been thinking about the various preparations I made when the storm alerts started popping up last week. Common household storm advice can be found pretty much anywhere, and it’s all good stuff. But there’s a modern layer of preparation that incorporates the digital dimension of your life. If you need to evacuate, then really all you care about is getting yourself and your loved ones to safety. Second on the list are those preparations for being stuck in the house for days, or without access to the grid.

To read the rest of the article go here.

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