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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Kummerfeldt In Africa

Peter Kummerfeldt is a survival expert and a master story teller.  He is not verbose and gets right to the story!  Lions at 50 feet, oh sure, that happens all the time.  This is from his blog:

The evening started rather unspectacularly with not much being seen except a few impala. Long after dark the spotter saw some eyes that turned out to be two, and then three lions about fifty yards away. When turning off the road to get closer the driver didn’t see a very large warthog hole into which the front end of the Land Cruiser disappeared! The lions came closer. The driver got out to see what could be done about the situation while the spotter tried to keep tabs on the lions and at the same time illuminate the hole so that the driver could see what needed to be done. What was hilarious was watching the antics of the two staff trying pay attention to the whereabouts of the cats while at the same time fend off the insects which were attracted to the headlights and the spot light. It had rained earlier in the day - the flying ants were swarming and the air was thick with beetles and other assorted insects that crawled all over the driver and his helper. It got so bad they had to cease their efforts to get us unstuck and go into the dark and strip off their clothing to rid themselves of the insects. For the four of photographers sitting in the back of a completely open vehicle in the dark it was both scary and hilarious at the same time. Because we were mostly in the dark the bugs didn't bother us as much as the others.
To read the rest of his post and view his wonderful pictures go here.

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