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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Garbage Bag Shelter

Is a garbage bag shelter part of your survival kit?

Just why would you put a garbage bag is your survival kit?

I don't. I use something that I think is better.

I am particular about my survival kit and it's components. I use several of the simple shelters made available from I carry one in my hunting day pack and my hiker's pack.

I don't use a garbage bag. I'll use two brightly colored, 4 mil bags. They weigh next to nothing. They are highly visible. Most importantly they provide a wind and water proof shelter. Don't think that such a shelter is going to be warm and "comfy." Think of them as an emergency shelter that will keep you out of the elements. It's all about maintaining 98.6.
Kummerfeldt has an excellent explanation is his book, "Surviving a Wilderness Emergency."

Take note that the shelter bag will be cut to provide an access for your head but your arms are kept inside with no opening for them.

I'll take this one step further. I'll take a large, 2-3 mil bags that are used by my local tire ship. These bags are folded and then compressed with a couple of heavy books. The bags are then put in a sandwich bag for storage in my pack. I'll use these bags to keep my pack and gear dry in a rain or snow storm. After one use I'll toss them.

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