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Monday, September 16, 2013

Survival Myths

For just about any survival situation, there’s a wealth of knowledge out there, and a lot of it’s bad.  Often things aren’t helped by the burgeoning number of survival reality shows, which are designed to entertain rather than to educate.

by Leon Pantenburg

The proliferation of survival shows had brought about a dangerous mind set. Many people think that because they saw a survival method performed on a TV show, that technique will work for them.

In many cases, if not most, the TV show is scripted to be entertainment. Actual, valid survival skills are secondary to sensationalism. Don’t rely on them for your survival training.
But a worse situation can occur when some of these myths perpetuated by the TV survivalists are accepted as fact. Without trying them, people assume they know a valuable skill or technique.

Dryer lint as firestarter, for example. At just about every firemaking presentation, someone will ask, as if it’s a new idea, why I don’t recommend  carrying lint.

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