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Map, Compass & GPS
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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Couple Lost in the Texas Desert Found

A Texas couple are found in the backcountry days after becoming lost
From CBS news:
"When Cathy Frye and her husband Rick McFaralnd arrived at Big Bend Ranch state park last Wednesday, they set out for what was supposed to be an afternoon hike, but by nightfall they were lost and in trouble.

"We discovered that there had been quite a bit of rain and what looked to be flash flooding that had knocked a lot of the trail markers out of the way," said Frye.

Tired and out of water the couple had no choice but to spend the night outside."

And they spent several days outside.

I have to wonder what kind of gear they had with them?  The ten essentials, don't leave home with out them.

To read the rest of the CBS post go here

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