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Map, Compass & GPS
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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Cameras In The Backcountry

Here is a fine post on bring your camera and how to support it in the backcountry.  From
Well, yes! If you want to get the shot, you’re not going to get it with the camera sitting at home. I’ve had my camera smack off rocks, in a pack that fell 30 feet and have been caught in down pours where even I was surprised the camera survived. Here’s a look at whats in my pack every time I go out to shoot. Whether it’s rock climbing, hiking or traveling, I always have these items. Of course, camera and activity-specific gear is dependent on what you’re doing. But bring the camera.
#1 It’s all in the pack
For me anyway… The backpack is the key for easy access. There is nothing worse then trying to get your camera out of a bag that’s inside a pack and under jackets and food. I use the F-stop Loka. The design of F-stop gear is meant for photographers in a host of outdoor activities. Inside the durable pack is the ICU (internal camera unit). It’s a semi-hard box that you arrange to store your camera and glass. This design allows you to store your camera without the worry of having other gear smacking into it while you’re on the move. The ICU has a flap to close over it and is accessible via the back of the pack which un-zips.

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