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Saturday, August 15, 2015

Death at Yellowstone

The following is a post written by Keith Crowley about the death of a worker at Yellowstone park by a Grizzly bear and the subsequent killing of that bear.

Photo by Keith R.  Crowley.

Death of a Man. . . Death of a Bear
by  Keith R. Crowley
The Yellowstone Grizzly known as “Blaze” – May, 2014
Trying to make sense of last week’s fatal Grizzly bear attack on a hiker in Yellowstone National Park and its aftermath is a fool’s errand. But this fool is going to try anyway.
This kind of story wrenches its way deep into the psyche of all who spend time in the wilds. And it certainly wrenched its way deep into my soul since I spend months each year in Yellowstone and the surrounding Grizzly Country.

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