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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Emergency Preparedness During Pregnancy

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Emergency Preparedness During Pregnancy 

There is no event more joyous than having a baby. The changes news of a baby bring to your psyche, your home, your heart, and your body announce that something amazing is getting ready to happen. Carl Sandburg wrote that "a baby is God's opinion that life should go." Allowing that life to go on requires that parents be vigilant and responsible. 

An emergency is a sudden unexpected occurrence that requires immediate action. An emergency can have a devastating impact on the life and development of our most vulnerable citizens: the elderly, pregnant women, and young babies. Conscientious parents realize it is never too soon to establish a plan that addresses emergencies.  

Emergency Preparation 

A major concern during an emergency whether natural or man-made, is the availability of food. No time is that more important than when a woman is pregnant or has a new baby to feed. What and when we will eat determines who survives.  

Emergencies place everyone involved in a survival mode. Being pregnant is no different. The uncertainty of our times suggest that it is wise to prepare for the unimaginable before it arrives at your door. In the case of flooding a strong waterproof container should be used to store food items that might be needed. Water, can goods, sanitizers, and some clothing should be stored in a high dry place. Everyone should know where the container is located.  

If the disaster requires an evacuation from the home, your car becomes part of your emergency preparedness. Again a durable waterproof bin that will fit comfortably in your trunk should be filled with water, clothing, sanitizers, covering such as thick fleece fabric, that will keep babies, pregnant women, and other family members safe and warm.  

Emergency food storage preparation is obviously going to be handled differently when a young baby is involved. Where adults and young children can survive for a couple of days without water, a baby cannot. Babies will become sick very quickly without the proper food. Having an emergency plan for your baby is vitally important. A baby that feeds exclusively at its mother's breast will fare better during an emergency. The mother doesn't need to store supplies of baby food because breast milk supplies all of the fluids and nutrients a baby needs. If there is enough warning, breast milk could be pumped and put on ice for later use. Its short shelf life prevents getting enough milk for long term usage. Therefore, included in the storage bin containing food one would need canned formula and water that would be used only for the baby.

 Having a baby is a joyous experience that everyone should live through at least once. Babies are a great responsibility. With them one has to plan for the good as well as the bad so best practice is to always be prepared.

Lee Flynn is a freelance writer. Through small local workshops and articles, Lee trains and teaches others on home preparation, healthy living, food storage techniques, and self reliance.

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