Map, Compass & GPS

Map, Compass & GPS
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Friday, November 8, 2013

About Google Earth

Here is another website to check out.  I keep my eye on
This is a site that is serious about land navigation and GPS in particular.  I subscribe to their newsletter - great info.

Here is a sample from Peter at their site.  This came in their latest newsletter.

He has a info sheet on using Google Earth too.

About Google Earth

"Your Did you know how easily you can use Google Earth as a planning tool? Gone are the days when GPS owners had to pay for access to Google Earth; anyone can now import/export gps data to/from Google Earth, create a pathway in Google Earth (the equivalent of a GPS track),save to a computer and import into their gps device or favourite computer mapping software.

    The secret of easy exchange of data is the compatibility of computer mapping like Basecamp with Google’s file format (KMZ) and or an ability to accept and exchange gps data in both KMZ and the International GPS file format GPS eXchange (.gpx)
     OK in some cases it may be a two-step process and you may have to use something like BaseCamp to convert a saved KMZ file into a GPX file, but it’s still a straight forward process. If you would like to know more we've added our worksheet to the technical support pages of team membership and a new lesson to our online resource."


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