Map, Compass & GPS

Map, Compass & GPS
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Friday, February 24, 2017

GPS Waypoints

Managing your waypoints isn't hard to do.  But one simple step gets you on your way!

I really like to keep my navigation simple.

Simplicity now makes life a lot easier when a potentially bad situation occurs or when someone in your party is injured. 

Before leaving home I "dump the junk" or get rid of those old, meaningless waypoints.  At the trail head I'll reset the "trip computer" and the track log (the bread crumb trail.)

On the trail I always verify that a waypoint has been saved.  Verification is a simple step that has saved my bacon more than once.

Waypoint List
When it's time to return to camp or home, there is nothing more unnerving to find that the waypoint you need isn't on your waypoint list.  In the illustration to the right, the waypoint to "home" isn't there.

It is easy to make this mistake.  Perhaps after executing the waypoint function you hit the OK button or you selected another option without saving "home" to file/memory.

My recommendation is to verify by selecting/depressing the "find" button (Garmin) and then selecting "waypoints" to view the waypoint list (figure above.)  If home appears you are ready to go.

Map Page 
Another quick way to verify is to go to the "map page."  First zoom in to about 800 feet or to a zoom setting where you can see waypoint names on the screen.

Verifying a waypoint will save you a lot of angst and worry later.

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