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Sunday, March 6, 2011

More Kummerfedt

I sat in on Peter Kummerfedt's seminar yesterday.  His topic was "Survival Myths and Misconceptions."

He goes after the hogwash published in our outdoor press and magazines about wilderness survival.  He has been monitoring this for years.

Peter critiques the articles that have been published over the years that talk about shelters, fire starting and backwoods lore.  These articles are supposedly providing the skills that an outdoorsman should learn to survive and get by in the outdoors in an emergency.   One really has to wonder what these writers are thinking.

Example after example, Peter tears apart recommendations from these articles.  I remember onearticle that discussed building an emergency shelter that looked like something our Northwest Native Americans would build.  Oh really, a lost hiker would build that.  Peter is more blunt.

It makes me think that the only survival situation that these writers have been in is when they lost power to their lap top.

Sadly, year after year, our outdoor magazines perpetuate these myths.  This shines the light of truth on these magazines and highlights their lack of integrity.  It causes me to question the validity of any of the articles.

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