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Map, Compass & GPS
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Friday, March 25, 2011

Tips On Using Your SPOT Loacator

Recommendations on using your SPOT beacon.

Shortly after the Kim Family tragedy in 2006, Global Star Telecommunications developed the spot beacon.

I have had excellent service with mine, a three year old model.

For complete details of the SPOT visit

Last fall I posted a short article on my website about SPOT.  I offered some suggestions on it's use.  Read it here.

A couple of thoughts come to mind.

  • Keep your contact list current.  Take contact names off your list (done on line via if they are no longer valid.  If someone is going to Hawaii on vacation they might not be the best pick now.
  • Only the most reliable people should be on your contact list. 
  • Practice with your SPOT before you leave.
  • Place it in your pack where the on/off button won't be accidentally pushed.

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