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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation

This weekend Cathy and I are in Reno for the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation (RMEF) convention.  It is  a smaller show but, still, it has been fun.

Its is encouraging to hear that in the 27 years since RMEF was founded, 5.9 million acres of habitat have been conserved.  Just like the great work of Ducks Unlimited, when habitat is improved for the elk, habitat is improved for all wildlife.

The RMEF convention has many fundraising opportunities for attendees.  A lot of money was raised for habitat.  A young lab pub was auctioned for $10,500.00.

RMEF also has special opportunites for our wounded warriors coming back for Iraq, Afganistan  and the Fort Hood shooting.  This year a young soldier shot 4 times at Fort Hood was honored.  RMEF has a special bond with these wonderful Americans.

The RMEF convention also has wonderful seminars hosted by many back country legends such as Jim Zumbo and Ron Dube.

Among the best are the presentations given  by Peter Kummerfeldt.  Peter is a retired USAF survival training technician.  After retiring with 30 years of service in the mid 1990's, Peter has been a big game guide and the owner of his business, Outdoor Safe; visit

Peter and his wife Mary travel the west each year hosting seminars and training for outdoor men and women as well as training US Coast Guard rescue swimmers and US Customs staff.

For the outdoor men and women, hikers, hunters, and backcountry travelers in general, Peter's seminars are first rate.

You aren't going to learn primitive skills.  Primitive skills are fine but they take a lot of time to master.  Peter's focus is to prepare you using modern skills and equipment to survive that unexpected night out or accident.

Generally at a Sportsman show he will host between two and three seminars a day.  Price of admission into the show also gets you into the seminars.

Sure, bring a pad of paper and pen but I doubt if you can write fast enough.  You will learn about emergency management, fire starting, shelter building, signaling and much more.   Peter will also skewer those survival myths that have been perpetuated of the years.   Once you take his seminar you will want to come back for more.   Thankfully there is no quiz at the end.

But best of all, if you have more questions or want to learn about a particular skill, follow Peter back to his booth.  He will put the gear in your hands and you'll learn by practical experience.

At the seminars this year at RMEF, Peter reported that 37 people have now attributed the information he presents to having saved their or that of a family member's life.  They have put into practice the practical skills that Peter has taught them.  Now that is a hallmark I'd be proud to own.

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