Map, Compass & GPS

Map, Compass & GPS
Wild flowers along Fall Creek on the way to the Green Lakes - Oregon

Friday, May 6, 2011

Backcountry Navigation for the Hunter

I just learned of Dick Blust's excellent series of articles on land navigation. I knew that they needed to be shared. 

Maps and Coordinate Systems 
Part 1 and 2 

by Dick Blust, Jr., photographs by Mark Furman


The technology available to us today in the form of GPS, combined with tools and resources used for centuries - map and compass - makes back country navigation for the serious hunter more feasible and field-practical than ever before. 
Back country navigation should mean more than being able to find your way back to camp or getting yourself sorted out when you're turned around. Regardless of species, hunting style, topography, or location the hunter can - indeed, should - integrate the aggregate resources of map, compass, and GPS directly into his hunting strategy. With GPS, the right compass, and the right map system, the hunter, trained and practiced in their interwoven use, can roam the back country at will, hitting chosen spots day or night. 

I've trained hundreds of fellow cops, rural firefighters, search and rescue volunteers and hunters in back country navigation, and over the years I've developed a hands-on navigation system for serious hunters that emphasizes practicality and utility above all else, focused on a theme of solving the problems most commonly encountered. 

To read the complete post go here.

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