Map, Compass & GPS

Map, Compass & GPS
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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Baseline Navigation

A baseline is a feature that you will find on a map.  A baseline can be a road, stream or trail.  It is a simple form of map and compass navigation to help you return to camp.

Even if you have a GPS give this a try!!!

By Blake Miller
Early in the morning the hunter hiked north from camp to Mahogany Butte.  With an hour of light left it was time to return.  He had his day pack with map and compass and he knew how to use them.  But he didn’t have a GPS.  The wooded terrain around him didn’t lend itself to triangulation with a compass.  So what was he to do?  If he was paying attention to his navigation before leaving camp at dawn he was all set.   All he needed to do was to return to the base line.
Returning to a baseline is a pretty straight forward concept.  The idea is that you leave camp from a known location and strike out in a specific direction such as North, or 000°.  When it is time to return aim to the left or right of camp (like 165°T), hit the logging road camp is on and turn right.  That is the concept but there is a bit more to it.
Let’s go over the tools you need and the process of how it works in more detail.
To learn more about baseline navigation go here.

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