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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Evacuating?? Check In With The Red Cross

If you are forced to evacuate always check in with the Red Cross!

Early this morning I was listening to the news about the recovery efforts ongoing in Joplin, Missouri.  Leveled by a series of tornadoes, Search and Rescue teams were looking for missing citizens.

A K9 search team leader was interviewed.  The K9 team was going through the rubble of a demolished home.  Then the home owner walked up.  He had sheltered with friends away from his residence.

This brief interview caused me to remember an important recommendation made recently by Red Cross staff.  Should you be directed to evacuated due to fire, flood or tornadoes report and register with the Red Cross.  To do this go directly to the evacuation shelter assigned to your locale.  Once there log in and register with the staff.  Should you decide to shelter with friends or family still check in with the Red Cross.  Red Cross maintains a locator service in times of disaster. 

Visit the American Red Cross' web site to find family members or to log in that you are safe and well.  For more information and to log in go here.

My friend Leon Pantenburg (a front page writer for the Bend Bulletin newspaper) has several articles on tornado and earth quake preparation at

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