Map, Compass & GPS

Map, Compass & GPS
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Monday, January 6, 2014

Marking a GPS Waypoint

Marking a waypoint with your GPS is easy.  I offer a few recommendations improve your techniques and make it a "sure thing."

The solo hiker was ready to return to the car after a long day on the trail.  The weather was slowly degrading; it was getting cooler and overcast.  It was time to march to the car.  He pulled out the GPS, selected the “Find” feature and scanned the waypoint listing.  No waypoint.  Nothing to identify his car was shown.  Now that sinking feeling slowly crept in.  It was going to be a longer afternoon.
Marking a waypoint takes just a few button pushes.  The process ends with the saving of coordinates, elevation, date, time of entry and a name into the memory of a GPS.
My recommendations to mark a waypoint include the following steps.
Start with a quick look at the “satellite view” page.  Ensure the GPS is tracking four or more satellite signals.
Next, select the mark button.  Touch screen models will require you to go to the main menu to touch “mark waypoint.”
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