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Friday, January 31, 2014

Winter Survival Kit For Your Vehicle

After watching the mess in Atlanta, I thought Leon's post and video was most timely.

Travel can be very dangerous this time of year. Black ice, slippery pavement, high winds and blowing snow, or reduced visibility due to fog, rain and snow storms can all happen within a few miles. It doesn’t matter if you live in the Oregon high desert or the frigid
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A survival kit for your car can be indispensable when the weather turns bad.
A survival kit for your car can be indispensable when the weather turns bad.
Midwest. If  your car slips off the road in an isolated area, during a blizzard, a routine drive to visit the family can turn into a nightmare.
by Leon Pantenburg
Nationwide attention was brought to winter survival in a stalled vehicle in 2006.
In December, Californian James Kim, 35, died in Oregon’s Rogue River Wilderness after leaving his wife and children to get help. The family car was stuck in snow on a remote road for several days.
Mr. Kim departed from the car, he  left the road and apparently got lost in the deep snow. He bushwhacked five miles down steep canyons, covering about eight miles through rough country, but ending up only about a mile as the crow flies from his car. Mr Kim’s body was found several days later, and he had apparently died of  hypothermia His family was found alive in their car a few days later. (To view the complete story, click on Kim Tragedy video)
To watch Leon's video and read the rest of the post go here.

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