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Map, Compass & GPS
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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Cleaning Your CamelBak Reservoir

Keeping your CamelBak hydration system clean is a must.  Section Hiker has a great post on the process.

If you use a Camelbak Hydration Reservoir you’re going to want to keep it, its hose , and bite valve clean. If you just drink water, you can store it empty in the freezer or dry it out after each use and nothing bad will grow in it. But if you put any kind of flavoring or performance enhancement powder into your Camelbak, you definitely need to take a more active approach to keeping them clean between uses. These things can turn into science experiments quickly if you’re not careful.

To read the complete post go here.

As an aside, to air dry my reservoir I use the brown cardboard roller from a old roll of paper towels.  The roller keeps the body/sides apart allowing for better air drying.

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