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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Survival Bibliography - Great Books To Read

The following post is from my friend Peter's web site.  This is very comprehensive.  Looking for a good read on survival - here is your list.

by Peter Kummerfeldt

This bibliography was assembled by myself and Skip Stoffel, the president of of Emergency Response International. We selected books that we use as sources of information in the development of the many programs that both OutdoorSafe Inc and ERI present nationally and internationally each year. Some of these books are of the “how to survive” variety and others are the “been there, done that, didn’t like but survived” variety. Much can be learned from both genres of books. As with any research no one source should be considered the absolute authority on any given topic. Rather reading the material presented by many authors will result in a broader understanding of what it takes to survive. In the past much of the information presented in many survival training programs was derived from the experiences of the most recent survivor.
To read the rest of Peter's post go here.

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