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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Cold Water Survival

The following is from my friend Leon's site  Make sure to watch the video.

If you fall into icy water or through the ice on a winter ski or snowshoe trip, you are immediately in serious trouble. How do you get out after you’ve fallen in? Here’s some advice and information from an expert.

by Leon Pantenburg

The Sunflower Recreation Area Greentree Reservoir edge was rimmed with ice, and I was waist deep in it, wader hunting for ducks about 40 miles north of Vicksburg, MS. I set up a couple decoys in a little clearing, leaned against a cypress tree, and was sounding a feeding call. A flight of ducks came whistling through the trees, so I moved forward…and tripped over a log.

My faceplant was inelegant, a complete surprise and the shock of going into the water caused an involuntary gasp. When I emerged, sputtering, my hunting buddies all cheered.

But first things first: How exactly do you get out of a hole in the ice? Is there a best technique for getting back onto solid ice? And how long can you last immersed in ice water?

To read the rest of Leon's post go here.

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