Map, Compass & GPS

Map, Compass & GPS
Wild flowers along Fall Creek on the way to the Green Lakes - Oregon

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Backcountry Survival Training with Kummerfeldt

If you are looking for a quality backcountry survival training program check Peter Kummerfeldt's program below.  Dates are June 13-17.

by Peter Kummerfeldt

I’d like to put in a pitch for the outdoor safety class that Ralph Wilfong and I teach for the US Forest Service each year at the Nine Mile Heritage Center in Huson, Montana. This is the only class I teach where I set the date and invite others to attend. Normally I go wherever I am invited to speak, present the class and then go back to Colorado.

Land navigation and practical wilderness survival skills will be emphasized at the camp. (Peter Kummerfeldt photos)
The class is five days long. Two and half days of survival training followed by two and a half days of of map, compass and GPS training. I lead the survival phase and Ralph leads the navigation phase.
It is a very comprehensive program and, by the time you graduate, you will have a very solid foundation in those skills you need to survive an unplanned night out and the knowledge and skills to effectively navigate the back country.

For more information go here.

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