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Wild flowers along Fall Creek on the way to the Green Lakes - Oregon

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Stay Safe While Hiking in HOT Weather

What do you consider when hiking in really, really hot weather?  Do you know the signs of heat stress?  What should you do.

The following article was forwarded by outdoor enthusiasts and guides Georgia and Rylie. 

Heat Safety & Heat Wave Dangers in America

When the human body is taxed beyond more than it can handle, excessive heat can lead to death. During the summer, heat kills around 175 Americans every year. Of all the natural hazards, nothing takes a greater toll on people other than winter colds. From 1936 to 1975, almost 20,000 individuals in America lost their lives due to solar radiation and heat. There were over 1,250 people who died in the 1980 heat wave. Summers in North America are hot and, although the heat may be different depending on the region, it can be very, very dangerous. Fortunately by knowing the symptoms and signs of heat-related illnesses and understand how to properly treat heat disorders, we can help prevent more heat-related fatalities.

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