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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Ranger Bands

Ranger Bands - Light weight and useful in your day pack.

Ranger Bands are nothing more than  small sections of bike inner tubes cut across the tube.  These bands are a larger variant of the common rubber band but much stronger.

At Christmas a good friend gave me a very compact fire starting kit in a small tin box.  A ranger band surrounded the outside of the box and kept it closed.  I'd never seen one before.

These bands are supposed to have been  popularized by use in the military; I don't have any thing to back that up.

"Ranger bands are essentially sections of tire inner tubing cut into various sizes. They have the advantage of being versatile, durable, and resistant to weather and abrasion. They are commonly used for lashings, and can also be used for makeshift handle grips, providing a strong high-friction surface with excellent shock absorption."  - Wikipedia

I would caution that with age rubber product loose their strength.  Check the bands occasionally.

Commonly you can get a used tube free at bike shops; with a hole in it no doubt.

These bands are handy and straight forward to use.  Like a common rubber band, it is nice to have one available when you need them.

Here are a few YouTube links for more information:


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