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Map, Compass & GPS
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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Let Someone Know

When you head out on a trip into the back country do you let a responsible person know when you will return?  Do you explain what you are asking of them?

Before you leave home on a trip into the backcountry always ask a responsible person to be the one who will contact authorities should you fail to return.   This can be family or friend.  Most importantly, this will be someone reliable and one who won't hesitate to call 911.  This person won't ask someone else what to do, won't be "wishy washy" (is that a word) this is someone who will take action.  Select carefully.

Tell the responsible person what time to call authorities.

But your work is not done.  You need to provide them the information for 911 and Search as Rescue to do the job.  Frequently you'll read about leaving a note with the responsible person; that's not good enough.  Give them a trip plan of your travel.  Give the responders the details to effectively do their job.

Go here for a sample trip plan.

Remember to call that responsible person when you get home.

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