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Map, Compass & GPS
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Monday, March 10, 2014

GPS Tips - Before You Go

A GPS training web site that I keep my eye on is GPSTraining.  These folks have a lot of great info on how to use your GPS receiver.

Before you go - our top tips.
1) Clear Trip Data at the point you start your trip – to ensure that your trip data relates only to your current trip you must clear your trip data at the start of your trip (not at home then drive to the start of your trip) as the moment your clear the trip computer starts logging data again and could include trip & track data that includes your journey from home to the start of your trip.
In GPS > from the Main Menu > select Setup > Reset > Reset Trip Data > Reset

2) Clear Track Data – like trip data once cleared track data immediately re-commences if the GPS is active (logged onto satellites) so the golden rule is to clear track data at the start of your trip and save at the end of your trip this way your track log will become the most accurate record of your trip and can be imported to your favourite computer software to review your performance.
In GPS > from the Main Menu > select Setup > Reset > Clear Current Track > Clear

To read and download their info, go here.

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