Map, Compass & GPS

Map, Compass & GPS
Wild flowers along Fall Creek on the way to the Green Lakes - Oregon

Friday, March 21, 2014

Magellan Echo Performance Watch Review

I just completed a review of the Magellan Echo smart watch.  This is a great piece of equipment for the hiker or athlete.

The Magellan Echo GPS watch is a light weight “smart sports running watch.” The Echo sports watch is linked to the user’s smart phone through a Bluetooth connection.  When connected, the watch will display data such as distance traveled, pace, and workout timing information. Further, the watch functionally controls music selections and app functions (e.g., start, stop, etc.)  Importantly, both the smart phone and Magellan Echo GPS watch must be worn by the user throughout the exercise event; phone and watch must be electronically tethered.

To read the rest of the review go here. 

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