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Monday, June 30, 2014

A Sit Pad

A simple pad to rest on in the backcountry.

I am finding that most people are moving away from the old ensulite pads for the very reasons Leon outlines. Though inexpensive an ensulite pad doesn't provide a lot of warmth and comfort to the hiker.

Photo by Leon Pantenburg
Today I find myself buying the occasional pad for a new use, a sit pad.

A sit pad is a small piece of pad cut from the original that I will use while hiking, hunting and on SAR missions. Of course I am not getting the full benefit of the pad by cutting it down but I am not looking for something to lounge on either. The pad is used to provide my bottom something to sit on. The smaller pad will help keep me dry, keep rocks from poking uncomfortably in the wrong places and provide some insulation on a cold day.

The shape is a matter of personal choice. My pad is about a third to a half of the length of the original pad. I'll also cut down the sides too.

I can make two pads from one full length pad. I'll put one at the bottom of my SAR pack, day pack and hunting pack.

An old blue ensulite pad at the top of my hunting pack. Blake Miller
I find used pads at my local thrift store, garage sales (for pennies) and military surplus stores.

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