Map, Compass & GPS

Map, Compass & GPS
Wild flowers along Fall Creek on the way to the Green Lakes - Oregon

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Backpacking Gear List

I was navigating/surfing through one of my favorite web sites this morning; www  This is a very comprehensive site.  On the right side is a listing of topics by categories and my eye was drawn to "Gear Lists."  I like lists.  Here is one of 23 posts related to gear lists. 

There’s a fair amount of change in my clothing and gear mix this year over last, because I’ve worn through a lot of my old backpacking clothes. I’ll also be trying a very low cost aluminum pot from Olicamp that has a built in heat exchanger (like a Jetboil) to save fuel, in addition to a canister based stove that I’ve been using for the past year.
In terms of water purification, I’m leaning toward using chlorine dioxide again because it requires shorter break times at streams. While filtering water using my Sawyer filter is fairly efficient, it still takes longer than I like if I’m trying to hike a fast pace.

 To read the rest of the post go here.

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