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Map, Compass & GPS
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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Compass Accuracy

Check out my latest post on about compass accuracy

The quality of a compass wil make a difference in its accuracy
The quality of a compass will make a difference in its accuracy
Navigation is a practiced skill, and when not practiced on a regular basis it becomes easily forgotten. Sighting and triangulating with a magnetic compass is a skill that the responsible outdoorsman should never allow to lapse.
The accuracy of a magnetic compass and the information presented depends on land characteristics, the quality of the compass and the ability and knowledge of the hiker.
The hiker will experience natural factors and conditions in the backcountry that impact accuracy. Some of these factors the hiker will have no control over but may be able to mitigate. One of the most important factors is declination. Declination is the angular difference between true north and magnetic north.
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