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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Knife Review

Just found the following knife review by Adam Jepson at a site that is new to  His post about the Mora knife intrigued me because (1) I own several, (2) it was pretty comprehensive and (3) I like to stimulate the conversation about what is a good backcountry knife.  I come from the premise that not everyone can afford $200 for a knife.

This is by far the best knife under 20 bucks that I have found. (If anyone has found a better one, or has a suggestion, comment below because I'd like to check it out!)

Simply put, it is durable, sharp, easy to hold, and light weight. It has become my trusty companion — no pun intended — on many hikes and camping adventures.
The fixed blade is a little over 4 inches long (spine is 2.5mm, or .10in) with a drop point edge and straight from the factory it is really sharp. I was able to cut paper with only the weight of the knife by sliding it back and forth on the paper's edge. With some bigger stuff, it can easily cut through quarter inch sticks.

To read the rest of Adam's post go here.

To read my post on mora knives go here.

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