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Map, Compass & GPS
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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Gas Stoves in Cold Weather

Stove operation in cold weather. 

Hikin_Jim has another excellent post about stoves in the backcountry.  This post is about cold weather operation.  He as some great suggestions.

"Here’s a common question:  “It’s cold; will my gas stove work OK?”  Well, it depends.  The most common gas stove out there is the “upright” canister stove.  This is the type of gas stove that screws directly into the top of a standard threaded gas canister.  Common examples of upright canister stoves would include the MSR Pocket Rocket, the Optimus Crux, and the Jetboil PCS."
Jim's MSR Pocket Rocket sitting in a pan of warm water on closed cell foam

To read his complete post go here.

He must have a ton of stoves.  His posts are very informative. To visit Hikin_Jim's blog go here.

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