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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Knife Review

Survival Knife Review: Cold Steel Master Hunter

by Leon in Survival knives

After the two-day Mississippi deer hunt, my friend Buddy Douglas was displaying the tenacity some would call “Pig-Headedness.” Despite my repeated efforts, Buddy would not accept a cent for food or drink, nor would he let me pay my guest fee at his hunting club.

Southern hospitality, you must understand, is a very real tradition to many Mississippians, especially as it relates to whitetail deer hunting. We were raising our voices.
“The deal was NEVER that you would pay for everything, even if this is your hunting club,” I reiterated. “Damn it, Buddy, you’re about to piss me off!”
“You’re my guest,” he stated again. Buddy was starting to get a little red around the collar. ”And you’re not the only one fixin’ to get pissed off!”
I dropped the subject. Later, I sent Buddy a Cold Steel Master Hunter. While a southern gentleman might not accept payment for taking a friend  hunting, neither would he insult that friend by refusing a gift. Buddy loves the knife!
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