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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Reverse 911

Emergency communications to you from your 911 Call Center.

While at the county SAR headquarters the other day I had a chance to visit with the Emergency Management coordinator about Reverse 911.

Reverse 911 is a relatively new concept to me.

The principal software developer of this system states on their web site that "....REVERSE 911® emergency notification system facilitates fast and effective communication within the public sector. This nationally acclaimed software application seamlessly combines mapping and database technologies, enabling law enforcement, fire/EMS, emergency management and military operations to visually identify, then automatically alert, people inside certain geographic locations. It also provides simple, yet highly efficient, notification of personnel, volunteers and others, quickly mobilizing them for emergency response." 

To read more hit google or visit their site here.

In Oregon, Reverse 911 plays a huge role in emergency management preparation, especially during Tsunami alerts.

What Don our Emergency Management Coordinator told me was quite interesting; specific to my county:

  1. It is designed for use with a traditional land line. 
  2. Not designed to interface with cell phones.
  3. It can be targeted geographically to a certain locale like a neighborhood or small community.
  4. Should you loose electrical power it won't work with a home's portable telephone system.  A traditional plug-in phone will work because of the small voltage that comes in through the phone system.
  5. I am researching the issue of having phone service provided by a cable Internet provider.

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