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Monday, April 18, 2011


A simple long lasting food for either survival or camping.

As a young hiker I would occasionally purchase pilot biscuits for my backpacking trips.  I found that you can still buy them but the price seemed a bit high.

So, I did some research and came up with a few recipes.

Saying that hardtack is bland is an understatement.

Still, they store well, are light weight and when eaten with  spaghetti for example, they aren't bad and are filling. 

My friend Leon has some info on hardtack that is worth checking out.

by Leon Pantenburg
Looking for a way to use up surplus flour, or make a cheap trail food or durable survival ration? One answer may be hardtack, a baked, unleavened wheat cracker. As a survival food, hardtack has a proven track record.
A sit-down dinner was usually a luxury!
Vicksburg, MS: My gray-clad brothers-in-arms and I  hunkered down to eat. In the morning, we would do battle with those “heathen Yankee horde” Civil War re-enactors at Champions Hill, between Jackson and Vicksburg,  Mississippi.
I was “under cover” on assignment for the Vicksburg Post to photograph the battle, one of the biggest re-enactments of the year. Except for the Nikon safely hidden  in my haversack, my gear, weapons and accouterments were authentic in every way.
Since I was working for the Post, I had to represent the home team and be a Confederate. (This probably caused a minor earth tremor in Ruthven, Iowa, as my great-great-grandfather, James Hallowell,  92th Illinois Infantry, rolled in his grave!)

To read Leon's complete post go here.

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