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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Potential Mega Quake In The Pacific Northwest

Japan's recent 9.0 quake has drawn a lot of attention  to the Cascadia fault zone that lies off the Oregon and Washington coast.  Lot's of concern here.  For example, Red Cross staff anticipates Central Oregon receiving approximately 100,000 refugees from the Western part of the state.

Posted on April 25th, 2011 by Leon in Leon's Blog

In the wake of the earthquake and tsunami disasters in Japan, local governments in Central Oregon are starting to take a hard look at their community preparedness plans.
Here is a story that was published recently in the  April 25, 2011 Bend Bulletin: by Leon Pantenburg LA PINE (OR) — The potential for a massive earthquake occurring off the Oregon coast and directly affecting the tricounty area (Central Oregon) is real, say experts, which is why La Pine City Councilor Stu Martinez got a new job not long ago. At a recent council meeting, Martinez’s colleagues asked him to “get the ball rolling” to prepare for a large-scale disaster. To that end, he will review disaster preparedness plans for La Pine and the surrounding south Deschutes County area. To read the rest of Leon's story go here.

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